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Designing a Systemic Model for New Heritage walks in India

Educational Project @ Industrial Design Centre - 2011

Ahmedabad has a rich heritage in its old city, amazing architectures of Pols to huge Mosques. Apart from this, there are many other places which are interesting that make the old city of Ahmedabad a unique place to visit. In this project, I am designing a concept of a heritage walk- How a walk should be taken? What all factors can be considered while taking a walk? how to define the appearance of the guide? How a guide should talk? What kind of place a walk should start and end? What a walk should cover in a heritage site? In this project, I walked with tourists, talked to them, did a study on existing walks, found out few loopholes in the current walk. Based on my research and knowledge I designed a walk from Ellis bridge to Bholenath Devatia ni Haveli in Lakha Patel in Pol. In this walk, I have tried to solve all the loopholes which I found in current walks. In this walk, I have included not only the heritage of Ahmedabad but also a brief look at the shopping areas, crafts and food of Ahmedabad.

This project was presented at the International Student Project Conference 2012 in Hsinchu, Taiwan

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